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Principal Ms. Wang Chiao-yuen’s basic concept toward education can be realized from: “Teaching is what the guides gave and the learners got; raising is what the children taught to charitably”. She also notes: “The aim of education is to cultivate one’s virtue and to retrieve one’s demerit”. The ultimate goal of education is helping students move forward to perfection. Being educating is for cultivating talents, and the talents will decide the future of the country. The direction of education is to master the core value, and to train the healthy citizens of the multiple learning, creativeness, cooperation, respect, care, rationality, and the integrated developing of body and mind. Since students are the main part of education, the administration of school should depend on them. As a result, all the learning domains can start from justice and realize the ideal of no talent to be wasted through the process of teaching students in accordance with their aptitude.

The principal’s education ideal:

  • Take the love and model as the thresh old; take the care and toleration as the method;
  • Take the fairness and justice as the principle; take each child as our responsibility;
  • Take the respecting one another as the basic; take the team cooperation as the power;
  • Take the elaboration as the focal point; take the outstanding chasing as the goal.

The principal’s school-running ideal:

  • Take the students as the main part, and popularize the holistic education positively;
  • Take the teaching as the core, and promote the professionalism of teachers;
  • Take the administration as the base, and shape the happy learning environment;
  • Take the parents as the partners, and develop the help through leading them involved into school;
  • Take the characteristics as the beginning, and create the elaborate premium culture.